CO2 Extracts: a Safe Way to Process


BOOM! Extrax, our daughter line of THC and CBD concentrates, specializes exclusively in CO2 extracts. What are they? It is a term reminiscent of something science fiction – and it’s gaining traction within the cannabis industry and community. What is a CO2 extract in regards to cannabis? Is it safe? Most certainly. Let’s start with basic chemistry.

When highly pressurized, CO2 will turn into a liquid. One that is pure, and free of any contamination or harmful elements. Combine it with cannabis through extraction methods, and you get a concentrated form of cannabis compounds. Our machines have the ability to remove terpenes and separate CBD, CBN, and CBG compounds from THC, so that we can mix, match and re-introduce them to the cannabinoid oils after the extraction to create medicine that heals specific ailments. First, the CO2 is pressurized into what is called a “super critical state”. Next, it is pushed through the plant matter, pulling oils, waxes and other compounds out with it. Only carbon dioxide in this state has the ability to bond with the compounds we are trying to isolate. Finally, after some processing time, the CO2 condenses back to its original form and you’re left with the aforementioned compounds.

It’s important to note that numerous industries have been using this same extraction method for a long time. It is used in our foods, such as carbonation in soft drinks or removing caffeine from coffee beans. It is also used as an environmentally safe extraction solvent in dry cleaning as well as an extraction tool for essential oils. That being said, it is a tried-and-true compound we use on a daily basis and only new to the cannabis industry.

The BOOM! Extrax CO2 extraction method is a highly technical process and requires specialized training; a masters degree in chemistry is crucial to us as to what we’d expect from our operators. There are other ways of extracting elements from cannabis, but still don’t make par in a comparison with the CO2 extraction method. At BOOM! Extrax, we care strongly about the purity and quality of our products, so there’s no question why we chose the ladder method. Butane extraction, for example, can leave behind metals that can be toxic to the human body (James Slatic, CEO of MedWest Distribution). Some other extraction methods use no solvent at all, but are argued to leech the original flavor of the plant.

Overall, CO2 extraction is safe, efficient and proven. Wild West Growers know this as well as they know the art of growing cannabis itself. We want to share our BOOM! Extrax, experience, and passion for quality with Oregon and hope you continue putting your trust in our hands.

– The Wild West Gang

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