Wild West in the “Harvest Issue” of Northwest Leaf Magazine


The innovative growing methods used by Wild West Growers were featured in the “Harvest Issue” of Northwest Leaf Magazine.

You can find the entire issue online, HERE.

Eugene, OR // The modern days of Cannabis production are alive and well in Eugene where  just around the corner from an Autozone and Starbucks, a massive Cannabis growing and processing facility rests in the urban core. Turning into the facility that houses Wild West feels like any other corporate park inside the city.

But this place is special. The three large buildings house the more than 50 employees that it takes to keep the operation running, from seed to sale and everything in between.

The first building is all administration and business, but walking over to the second is all bud. A massive curing, trimming and packaging operation is taking place, with hundreds of pounds of herb hanging from giant racks in a room with 25-foot plus ceilings.

It is surreal walking through rows of drying Cannabis plants, gently wicking off moisture and developing the full terpene and smell profile that users will go crazy for in a matter of weeks.


All the trim and little buds are taken to the third building, which houses a full commercial kitchen and a processing lab. Wild West is known for their edibles, especially their CO2, which comes in delicious sap or the rare CO2 shatter. The team makes dozens of products, all of which started with the plants in the dirt this spring.

“This whole property used to be a glue factory,” Jimbo Jensen said, showing us around the outdoor field. “We have done some improvements and taken this to the next level of production, clearing an entire field of trees and brush to do our outdoor this year.”

They have multiple licenses stacked on the property, allowing them to grow thousands of plants. One acre lot was purely full-term outdoor, with giant plants dancing in the sun. Across the lot were several light-deprived greenhouses.

With a bumper crop this year, the team at Wild West is ready to start taking products to hundreds of stores statewide!


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