‘Tis The Season to Use Responsibly – Cooking With Cannabis

One of the primary realities of the booming Cannabis Industry is that newly legalized Recreational Cannabis will attract users of a wide range of cannabis experience. Cannabis, just like alcohol, affects each individual differently.  And knowing your limit is the key to a good experience and won’t “harsh your mellow,” as we like to say here at Wild West Growers.

There are undoubtedly a number of you who view the “Try 5” Program, introduced by OREC (Oregon Responsible Edibles Council), with a snicker.  But with even the most experienced user, it is always good to know what is in “the next bite,” especially during this holiday season when home-baked gifts of all varieties may be exchanged.

Safe consumption begins with safe creation, and just like any other food, it’s good to read the label, and share the label details with those with whom you are “making merry” this holiday season.

Here are some guidelines for cooking with cannabis.

At the basis of the “Try 5” Program is to get first-time, or returning users to ramp up slowly to their “acceptable level of bliss.”  Just as you would never have a first-time user of alcohol try drinking a pint of gin the first time they imbibed, it is never recommended to start a friend with a “super dose” of candy or cookies with high levels of THC in every bite.

The perfect product to use for all sorts of regulated, low-dose recipes are Wild West Pot Shots.  Each Pot Shot is a finely milled, high grade of THC Cannabis, in a 15mg container.  This regulated dose allows for controlled and responsible math in your recipes, with a wide variety of uses from cookies, candies, brownies, soups, meat rubs, salad dressings, and vegetable dips.  In every case, understanding how much to use in each recipe should be divided by the approximate number of servings in each prepared batch.

As an example: 
If you are going to make a batch of cookies, using a recipe that usually provides 10 cookies to a batch, the math is simple if you want 4.5 mg per cookie.  Three pot shots (45 mg total) into the batter, will produce ten 4.5 mg cookies.  If you want a larger dose, Double down, or simply make larger “monster cookies” that give you double the dosage.

When consuming,  WAIT FOR THE PROPER AMOUNT OF TIME before taking another cookie.  Most “low dose ingestion gone bad” stories begin with someone who eats a cookie, and then after “not feeling anything” eats a couple more…and then a couple more.  NOTE: Most edible products take as long as 2 hours to reach full strength in your system.  So take this into account when trying your first few products.

A warm and happy buzz can quickly turn into something more than you bargained for if you don’t know how much you are ingesting.  So, ask before you eat. And if you are gifting, or sharing at a party, be sure to share the dosage details with all who may consume.

The same process goes into recipes for other types of cannabis infused foods. 30 mg of Pot Shot goes a long way toward making a salad dressing more than just a condiment.  If you are using cannabis in other condiments or dishes, be sure to make note of how much goes into every phase of the meal.

One of the most important aspects of creating and using cannabis infused goodies, is to remember that they need to be properly stored, well away from children and pets.  Using well-marked tins or seal-able plastic containers, stored well out of reach of both pets and children is not only smart, but responsible.  Pets and children are highly susceptible to even low doses of cannabis.  Please store responsibly. Just as you would never allow open bottles of alcohol or alcohol infused holiday punch to be in the same area as pets or kids, cannabis should have be used only in areas where responsible adults are consuming.

Have a SAFE and HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON from all of us here at Wild West Growers!

2 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season to Use Responsibly – Cooking With Cannabis

  1. Also, eveyone should remember that dogs can “smell” edibles. Hiding them ‘out of sight’ may not be enough. I’ve known dogs to dig through purses and cupboards, and they’ll eat all that is there. It doesn’t kill them, but they are out of it and sleep for a couple days.


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