Oregon Cannabis Edibles…Likely the Safest Food On the Market!


For the past year, news sources have been filled with stories talking about the “Crippling of the Cannabis Industry” due to over-regulation and stringent testing laws.  While it may be an overstatement to say that the entire industry has been “brought to a standstill” with increased regulations that took effect October 1st, 2016 (which have been temporarily lightened through May 2017) it is very safe to say that any cannabis that makes it to the consumer, through legal channels from licensed producers and dispensaries, is likely tested for more stringently, and therefore safe, than the vast majority of food products you will find on any grocery store aisle.

Every aspect of recreational and medical cannabis, in every form available to consumers, has been tested for more than 150 different pesticides and molds, in addition to the level of THC/CBD in every aspect of the final product. In addition to testing the source flower sold, or any derivative products from the source flow (including kief, concentrated oils and extracts), edibles are also tested as food, along with another round of testing for production and processing residual pesticides/THC/CBD levels.

The “bottleneck” that has been created, due to a limited number of accredited labs, along with the extreme cost of running multiple tests on each batch, which can run into thousands of dollars per week for larger producers (and all but eliminates smaller producers from the landscape) is real. But even more puzzling, is the seeming ambiguity of forcing stringent, aggressive testing on an industry that has been tagged as a new “cash cow” for state and local taxes, while not allowing a fair playing field compared to other free market consumables.

If a batch of cannabis fails testing two or more times, the producer must destroy the entire batch, with OLCC/OHA overseeing the execution (see full testing regulations here). Food growers do not face testing that is remotely as stringent, and in many cases, are allowed to “repurpose” crops and products into everything from animal feed (which find their way back to human consumption), and food/alcohol/beverage additives processed into products as wide-ranging as fruit flavorings (which are laced with chemicals) and fruit-infused alcohol products.

In an industry that has long fought to be destigmatized by decades of propaganda from “the war on drugs,” it is truly ironic to be labeled by any government or public health organization as “hazardous,” when the laws governing testing and regulation of recreational and medical cannabis are far more stringent than commonly available food and beverage products such as energy drinks, soft drinks, alcohol and cigarettes (which are all loaded with non-organic chemicals and carcinogens).

We at Wild West Growers are working hard to meet and exceed all regulations for the industry, and look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality and widest range of safe, regulated products for our customers. We take pride in our processes, knowing that every product meets or exceeds the standards set by all regulatory agencies for the State.

The side benefit to the end-user, is the knowledge that our products are far more safe than the average produce found in any supermarket, and will provide a safe, regulated result for our customers.

In short…eat, smoke and be merry! Your safety is our top concern.

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