Winter Weather? No Worries…Indoors It’s Warm and Green!


We’ve heard the rumors at Wild West. How the glut of outdoor product is now on the wain, complicated with the new Recreational Cannabis Laws which are taking  effect across the state.

But, while the weather outside (and the testing  laws) may be “frightful,”  the grow inside is delightful at Wild West. From a constant supply of clones of a multitude of varieties, to a steady and ever-growing host of mother plants, pumping out bud and source product for our new lines of edibles, medibles, and concentrates, Wild West continues to stay in “full indoor grow mode” while we wait for the sun and higher temperatures return.

While “sun-flower” that is grown outdoors may be grown more quickly, our special indoor hybrid strains and indoor cultivated crops are pampered, fed, and harvested with the best practices, highest yields, and final THC/CBD content possible.

Indoor growing practices vary from supplier to supplier, but at Wild West Growers we pride ourselves in providing the most consistent, potent, clean and safe cannabis products available.

When the weather forces you inside, there is no better way to “chillax” while staying warm, than by “getting a little WILD” with your favorite Wild West flower, edible or concentrate.

Go West…Run Wild…Stay Warm!

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