You Wanted Bigger…and We Listened!


We heard you loud and clear!

You told us how much you loved our Baker Bros Cookies, and amazing Pot Shots.  You told us that our Pot Shots were the perfect way to turn any beverage or food into a medible or an edible.  But that some recipes required several of the small, 15mg vials for a single entree.

You told us that our cookies were so good that you loved to share them at parties, but had to buy several of the 3-pack-cookie packs to suffice.

We heard you… 

Wild West Growers and Baker Bros edibles are happy to announce new packaging for our Pot Shots and our Baker Bros Cookies!

Cookies will now be packed in a convenient 10-cookie-pack, with ten, delicious and nutritious mini-cookies in each pack. Perfect for entertaining, and also saves you space and hassle.

Our Pot Shots are now Way More Pot in each Shot, with our new “Multi-Serving Size” packaging.  We have more than doubled the size of every container, in a larger, but re-seal-able vile.

Wild West Growers still recommends the “Try Five” campaign by OHA, which asks that when trying a new product, try an initial 5mg test run to check potency and time-release. Remember, edibles can take anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours to fully activate in your system.  Impatience can lead to over-dosing, and a severely “harshed mellow!”

We are excited about 2017, with a wide new range of products heading your way.
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Looking for Wild West Edibles?  Check out our retail directory. We’re adding new stores every week!

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