Three Tips For Best Valentines Results…A WWG Pleasure Guide.

There are countless books, videos and and blogs regarding the “art of romance.”  And certainly, the bar is never set higher than during Valentines.  It is the consummate holiday to find, sustain, and recharge your love life, no matter what your current “relationship status.”

We at Wild West Growers understand that even the best of relationships sometimes need a bit of a boost, and perhaps a little outside stimulation in order to set and keep the mood,  even during the most romantic of holidays. And, we are here to provide 3 EASY STEPS to increase and assure your level of pleasure, and better hopes for a favorable outcome (whatever that might be in your personal life).

WWGrowers Valentines Pleasure Guide

1. Liquor may be quicker, but our Choco-Lust candies last longer, and taste better!
Let’s face it…one of the age-old problems with using alcohol to “celebrate” or “seal the deal,” when it comes to a romantic night, is that alcohol comes in a huge variety of flavors, strengths and types. And, picking the right before-during-after cocktails, wine selections or craft beers can be a hit-or-miss proposition, which could in fact, mess up your own proposition, if you choose incorrectly.  EVERYONE LOVES CHOCOLATE (at least anyone who should be trusted as a lifelong partner!).

2. When trying to impress, nothing says “I went out of my way” like the phrase, “Silky Smooth Dark Belgian Chocolate” (now imagine Barry White saying it with the the lights low). Classy. And Smoooooth.  And if your significant other knows their chocolate, they will be equally impressed with the fact that this Belgian chocolate is at a 65% Cacao level of quality.  Now that’s dark and rich!  Flowers? A heartfelt card? An expensive bottle of wine?  Pffffttttttttt…none of them stacks up to something that sounds like it came all the way from a foreign country, just for THIS SPECIAL NIGHT!

3. How many times have you opened an expensive bottle of wine, and in the confusion of entertaining, lost count of how many glasses you and your significant other have imbibed?  The results can be less-than-gratifying. Nothing says “mood-killer” like slurred speech, and wine-stained teeth.

With a Choco-Lust chocolates, you know that each THC chocolate (heart-shaped and wrapped in a festive red)  is going to deliver about 5mg of our blended Boom Extrax pure Co2 cannabis oil. So if you want to start your evening by sharing two chocolate (imagine the scene with the dogs in “Lady and the Tramp” locking lip to lip as you share one) you will start the evening off right, and remain under the “Try 5” program that is recommended for casual cannabis users.  Remember, it can take 90-120 minutes for full “activation time,” so plan your evening accordingly! A little chocolate…a little lust…combined in a rich, dark, imported Choco-Lust chocolate!

While we can’t guarantee the “Lust” results with our Choco-Lust products (that really comes down to your own devices, desires, and ability to close the deal), we can be confident that by proper use, administration, and consumption techniques (let the chocolate melt in your mouth…slowly) that Choco-Lust chocolates will certainly add to an unforgettable evening,  and become part of your permanent celebration rituals (chocolate goes will with ANY event!) for years to come.

Finally…for those of you who are without a co-celebrant on this auspiciously romance-driven occasion, there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong, with taking this opportunity for a little “self pleasuring.”  And nothing is more deliciously self-indulgent and pleasurable than calling yourself up, asking yourself out, and starting the evening with a rich, chocolaty, Choco-Lust  Chocolate! Life is too short to scrimp on the chocolate…especially when pampering yourself!

You’ll find Both Choco-Lust THC (red label) and Choco-Lust (green label) at your favorite Oregon dispensaries.  CHECK HERE FOR A DISPENSARY NEAR YOU. 

Go West…Run Wild! Get your Heart On for Valentines!

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