When  a Valentines “Show Us Your Lust” Contest Works Too Well


OK.  I suppose looking back in hindsight the results of this contest were a bit predictable. As Coral said in one of our meetings, “we are asking a lot…I mean, we are asking people to show us pics of them using ChocoLust during their most intimate times together.”

I guess we thought that people wouldn’t take it literally, especially since we asked people to keep the submissions “PG” or at least “PG 13.”  But, the fact is…we also forgot just how many things you can do with a rich, Belgian chocolate, that is infused with Wild West Boom Extrax pure CO2 cannabis oil, after you’ve had one or two…or three.

We also forgot that this is the “age of the selfie” and that once you are “in the moment” after celebrating your love with ChocoLust chocolates, and proving your flexibility, creativity, and apparent ambidextrous use of a camera phone, that we might get as many as 15 entries from each participant.

And then…there were those who also took us up on showing us that ChocoLust isn’t just for couples…and went so far as to show us ChocoLust parties. Or on the opposite side of the “Lust” spectrum, what happens when you pull a “Tom Waites” and call yourself up, ask yourself out, and end up taking advantage of yourself after using ChocoLust chocolates as a way to spice up your “date.”

We couldn’t publish them all. Trust us on that…

In fact as you will see below…we couldn’t publish the entire picture of ANY of the entries we selected as finalists.

We have to applaud people for their creativity. People are VERY creative…and pretty darn flexible (or “bendy” as Phoebe used to say on “Friends.”).  We also have to say that perhaps another refresher on the “Proper Use of Chocolust Chocolates” may be in order.  But, that seems like we are being totally “Debbie Downers” about this…(and trust me Debbie was one of our favorite entrants).

So…we will just give these few reminders:

  • ChocoLust is real Belgian Chocolate blended with Boom Extrax Pure CO2 cannabis oil – served in manageable 5mg heart-shaped candies. They taste great…but do the math…if you eat too many, operating a camera efficiently (with any body part) may be impeded.
  • As an edible, they may take as long as 2 hours to activate fully…so use accordingly! Have one BEFORE dinner…perhaps one during dinner…one after dinner…but if you want your evening to be “productive,” start this process well before 8PM. Just sayin’…
  • According to many of the best-known sexologists, Chocolate is a stimulant that can work as an aphrodisiac. And many choco-cannasseurs deem cannabis as one of their favorite aphrodisiacs. So combining TWO can create a tremendous BOOM! (if you get the our drift). We don’t call it Boom! Extrax for nothing!
  • Operating a motor vehicle or any large equipment is never recommended while using cannabis. ChocoLust has cannabis in it…Unless you are using ChocoLust CBD green foil variety for health reasons. Then…you only need to watch out for the calories. After all…it is REAL Belgian Chocolate.

We’d like to thank everyone who entered.  We are going to have to take some time to examine the pictures carefully. Very carefully…to determine the final winner.

On a final note to our reader/user who is entering the contest under the screen-name ”SelfLove Johnson”…We get it. Really. Please stop.

To the rest of you…Valentines isn’t the only time of year to enjoy ChocoLust. Go to the dispensary near you, and get your own lust on!

ALSO- If you haven’t joined our Cannabis Club Posse…do it TODAY!  You will get all of the latest new product release info, invites to our functions, and ways to win clothes, product and swag!  GO HERE TO SIGN UP

In the meantime, please enjoy the parts of a handful of pictures that we were able to post here in public.

(Sorry…but OLCC and Social Media prohibit us from showing the actual consumption of cannabis…or actual nudity, so the following has been edited to meet those strict standards).


Yes. We realize that this is a lot of CENSORING. But we didn’t want offend anyone, or break any of the posting rules for social media.  We DID have that one picture that we didn’t have to censor…now if we can just figure out what it is, we’d be very happy.

Have a LUSTFUL Valentines!

From the very happy, lustful staff at Wild West Growers and Baker Bros. Edibles!


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