Pot Shots for a Healthy Happy Wild Burger? You Betcha…


Anyone who knows about our amazing Pot Shots, knows that there are several reasons why they become the perfect ingredient to making almost any recipe “Wild!”  Because they are pre-measured, you know how much THC you are getting with every “pinch.” But even more important, because the cannabis in Pot Shots is decarboxylated organic cannabis flower, it is already activated and ready to provide the “entourage effect” that offers the best aspects of the cannabis plant in one dose.

We already know about using pot shots in cookies, and candies…but what about everyday meals that taste great, and are healthy as well?

Here’s my favorite recipe for a Super Healthy, Tasty, Cilantro Burger, turned a little “Wild” with Pot Shots as an ingredient.

Because I am dieting after the holiday “candy crush” (that seems to last from November to Valentines), I want a recipe that tastes great, but is low calorie. These Cilantro Burgers are at the top of our “healthy comfort food” list.

Ingredients (Makes 4 burgers).

1 lb. of Lean (93/7% fat) ground turkey
1/2 cup diced cilantro
1/3 cup diced red onions
1 large portabello mushroom sliced
2 Tbsp Mayonaise
1 Tbsp Siracha sauce
4- Orowheat 100 calorie Sandwhich thins (or regular hamburger buns…but be careful…regular buns can be as much as 375 calories each!)
1- 50mg Pot Shot
Optional (if you are a cheese head and can’t pass it up and don’t care about the calories)- 4 thin slices of PepperJack cheese, 4 pieces of bacon.

Slice cilantro, red onions and mix into a bowl…fold in Pot Shot…until mixed evently. Add in the Ground turkey…mix until looking like a “meat loaf” and divide into four patties.

Cook in large pan over medium heat.

In a separate pan, cook the mushrooms until soft…but not rubbery!  Cook bacon in same pan, if you are using bacon. 

While cooking, mix together the Mayo and Siracha in a small bowl and set aside.

When the burgers are almost done, this is the time to add the Pepperjack cheese, and then cover with a lid, so it melts evenly over each burger.

When ready to serve, take the burger, add the siracha/mayo sauce, then the mushroom (and bacon?) to the buns, garnish with lettuce and tomato if you choose.

I guarantee, these are the more savory, and best-tasting burgers you will ever eat…and they are loaded with nutrition, low in calories (less than 400 calories, even with the cheese)…and in a half hour to 45 minutes…you will feel the Pot Shots give you a warmth that will keep you smiling for the rest of the day!

Tastes Good…Good for you…and super HIGH in great ingredients!


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