It’s Been a Long Winter…But Inside, Things are WILD!

There is no doubt that the Oregon winter has been harsh by our standards. Ice Storms, snow and record rain have made any thought of outdoor cultivation impossible.

However, INSIDE at Wild West Growers, things are busier than ever!  Along with most of Oregon, we turned our Producer’s License to “Recreation,” and have ramped up production in every department to meet the need!

Check out our latest video…and watch for more!

Go West…Run Wild!

Wild West Instructional Series : Using Your New Ride Series Vape Pen

Out new Ride Series Vape Pen is getting rave reviews for its design, ease-of-use, and amazing combination of Ride Series hybrid cartridges.  However,  some who are new to the “Vaping World” will find this quick Instructional Video helpful.

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Now…Let’s RIDE!