When  a Valentines “Show Us Your Lust” Contest Works Too Well


OK.  I suppose looking back in hindsight the results of this contest were a bit predictable. As Coral said in one of our meetings, “we are asking a lot…I mean, we are asking people to show us pics of them using ChocoLust during their most intimate times together.”

I guess we thought that people wouldn’t take it literally, especially since we asked people to keep the submissions “PG” or at least “PG 13.”  But, the fact is…we also forgot just how many things you can do with a rich, Belgian chocolate, that is infused with Wild West Boom Extrax pure CO2 cannabis oil, after you’ve had one or two…or three.

We also forgot that this is the “age of the selfie” and that once you are “in the moment” after celebrating your love with ChocoLust chocolates, and proving your flexibility, creativity, and apparent ambidextrous use of a camera phone, that we might get as many as 15 entries from each participant.

And then…there were those who also took us up on showing us that ChocoLust isn’t just for couples…and went so far as to show us ChocoLust parties. Or on the opposite side of the “Lust” spectrum, what happens when you pull a “Tom Waites” and call yourself up, ask yourself out, and end up taking advantage of yourself after using ChocoLust chocolates as a way to spice up your “date.”

We couldn’t publish them all. Trust us on that…

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Show Us Your Lust For a Chance to Win MORE!


We know you love our ChocoLust chocolates. We know you love them so much, we’ve had to double production to meet the demand for the upcoming Valentines Day celebration.  We love Lust as much as the next person… and if you show us yours, you may win a whole-lotta-lust for the coming year!

So, to celebrate the holiday of Lust, we have a contest just for you.  A bit of Show Us Yours, We’ll Give You Ours, so to speak…
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