It’s Been a Long Winter…But Inside, Things are WILD!

There is no doubt that the Oregon winter has been harsh by our standards. Ice Storms, snow and record rain have made any thought of outdoor cultivation impossible.

However, INSIDE at Wild West Growers, things are busier than ever!  Along with most of Oregon, we turned our Producer’s License to “Recreation,” and have ramped up production in every department to meet the need!

Check out our latest video…and watch for more!

Go West…Run Wild!

Wild West Instructional Series : Using Your New Ride Series Vape Pen

Out new Ride Series Vape Pen is getting rave reviews for its design, ease-of-use, and amazing combination of Ride Series hybrid cartridges.  However,  some who are new to the “Vaping World” will find this quick Instructional Video helpful.

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Now…Let’s RIDE!

Pot Shots for a Healthy Happy Wild Burger? You Betcha…


Anyone who knows about our amazing Pot Shots, knows that there are several reasons why they become the perfect ingredient to making almost any recipe “Wild!”  Because they are pre-measured, you know how much THC you are getting with every “pinch.” But even more important, because the cannabis in Pot Shots is decarboxylated organic cannabis flower, it is already activated and ready to provide the “entourage effect” that offers the best aspects of the cannabis plant in one dose.

We already know about using pot shots in cookies, and candies…but what about everyday meals that taste great, and are healthy as well?

Here’s my favorite recipe for a Super Healthy, Tasty, Cilantro Burger, turned a little “Wild” with Pot Shots as an ingredient.
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When  a Valentines “Show Us Your Lust” Contest Works Too Well


OK.  I suppose looking back in hindsight the results of this contest were a bit predictable. As Coral said in one of our meetings, “we are asking a lot…I mean, we are asking people to show us pics of them using ChocoLust during their most intimate times together.”

I guess we thought that people wouldn’t take it literally, especially since we asked people to keep the submissions “PG” or at least “PG 13.”  But, the fact is…we also forgot just how many things you can do with a rich, Belgian chocolate, that is infused with Wild West Boom Extrax pure CO2 cannabis oil, after you’ve had one or two…or three.

We also forgot that this is the “age of the selfie” and that once you are “in the moment” after celebrating your love with ChocoLust chocolates, and proving your flexibility, creativity, and apparent ambidextrous use of a camera phone, that we might get as many as 15 entries from each participant.

And then…there were those who also took us up on showing us that ChocoLust isn’t just for couples…and went so far as to show us ChocoLust parties. Or on the opposite side of the “Lust” spectrum, what happens when you pull a “Tom Waites” and call yourself up, ask yourself out, and end up taking advantage of yourself after using ChocoLust chocolates as a way to spice up your “date.”

We couldn’t publish them all. Trust us on that…

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Three Tips For Best Valentines Results…A WWG Pleasure Guide.

There are countless books, videos and and blogs regarding the “art of romance.”  And certainly, the bar is never set higher than during Valentines.  It is the consummate holiday to find, sustain, and recharge your love life, no matter what your current “relationship status.”

We at Wild West Growers understand that even the best of relationships sometimes need a bit of a boost, and perhaps a little outside stimulation in order to set and keep the mood,  even during the most romantic of holidays. And, we are here to provide 3 EASY STEPS to increase and assure your level of pleasure, and better hopes for a favorable outcome (whatever that might be in your personal life).

WWGrowers Valentines Pleasure Guide
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You Wanted Bigger…and We Listened!


We heard you loud and clear!

You told us how much you loved our Baker Bros Cookies, and amazing Pot Shots.  You told us that our Pot Shots were the perfect way to turn any beverage or food into a medible or an edible.  But that some recipes required several of the small, 15mg vials for a single entree.

You told us that our cookies were so good that you loved to share them at parties, but had to buy several of the 3-pack-cookie packs to suffice.

We heard you… 
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Caring For Your Clones – The Basics of Keeping Your Cannabis Clones Healthy


One of the best, and yet most challenging part of Oregon’s recreational and medical cannabis laws include the right to grow your own plants (up to 4) as a private recreational/medical user, and of course substantially more if you run a licensed grow/producer operation.  Growing and sustaining any living organism can be challenging, but added restrictions for pesticide use have increased those challenges.

With the legalization came a substantial number of new rules and recent revisions that limit or prohibit the use of countless insecticides and chemicals used broadly in other plant/crop growing operations.  The upside of these rules have created cannabis products that are among the most, if not the most safe consumables offered to the public, including the food you may find in any local market’s produce department.

The downside of these limitations (including limits on organic pesticides) is that two of the most prevalent cannabis plant health risks have become a growing (pun intended) issue for private individuals and commercial grow operations alike. Fungus gnats and powdery mildew are two of the most common problems organic cannabis growers face. But with proper care for your clones, along with a little TLC, these issues can be resolved without resorting to heavy chemical artillery!
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Winter Weather? No Worries…Indoors It’s Warm and Green!


We’ve heard the rumors at Wild West. How the glut of outdoor product is now on the wain, complicated with the new Recreational Cannabis Laws which are taking  effect across the state.

But, while the weather outside (and the testing  laws) may be “frightful,”  the grow inside is delightful at Wild West. From a constant supply of clones of a multitude of varieties, to a steady and ever-growing host of mother plants, pumping out bud and source product for our new lines of edibles, medibles, and concentrates, Wild West continues to stay in “full indoor grow mode” while we wait for the sun and higher temperatures return.
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Oregon Cannabis Edibles…Likely the Safest Food On the Market!


For the past year, news sources have been filled with stories talking about the “Crippling of the Cannabis Industry” due to over-regulation and stringent testing laws.  While it may be an overstatement to say that the entire industry has been “brought to a standstill” with increased regulations that took effect October 1st, 2016 (which have been temporarily lightened through May 2017) it is very safe to say that any cannabis that makes it to the consumer, through legal channels from licensed producers and dispensaries, is likely tested for more stringently, and therefore safe, than the vast majority of food products you will find on any grocery store aisle.
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‘Tis The Season to Use Responsibly – Cooking With Cannabis

One of the primary realities of the booming Cannabis Industry is that newly legalized Recreational Cannabis will attract users of a wide range of cannabis experience. Cannabis, just like alcohol, affects each individual differently.  And knowing your limit is the key to a good experience and won’t “harsh your mellow,” as we like to say here at Wild West Growers.

There are undoubtedly a number of you who view the “Try 5” Program, introduced by OREC (Oregon Responsible Edibles Council), with a snicker.  But with even the most experienced user, it is always good to know what is in “the next bite,” especially during this holiday season when home-baked gifts of all varieties may be exchanged.

Safe consumption begins with safe creation, and just like any other food, it’s good to read the label, and share the label details with those with whom you are “making merry” this holiday season.

Here are some guidelines for cooking with cannabis.
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