Pot Shots for a Healthy Happy Wild Burger? You Betcha…


Anyone who knows about our amazing Pot Shots, knows that there are several reasons why they become the perfect ingredient to making almost any recipe “Wild!”  Because they are pre-measured, you know how much THC you are getting with every “pinch.” But even more important, because the cannabis in Pot Shots is decarboxylated organic cannabis flower, it is already activated and ready to provide the “entourage effect” that offers the best aspects of the cannabis plant in one dose.

We already know about using pot shots in cookies, and candies…but what about everyday meals that taste great, and are healthy as well?

Here’s my favorite recipe for a Super Healthy, Tasty, Cilantro Burger, turned a little “Wild” with Pot Shots as an ingredient.
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Three Tips For Best Valentines Results…A WWG Pleasure Guide.

There are countless books, videos and and blogs regarding the “art of romance.”  And certainly, the bar is never set higher than during Valentines.  It is the consummate holiday to find, sustain, and recharge your love life, no matter what your current “relationship status.”

We at Wild West Growers understand that even the best of relationships sometimes need a bit of a boost, and perhaps a little outside stimulation in order to set and keep the mood,  even during the most romantic of holidays. And, we are here to provide 3 EASY STEPS to increase and assure your level of pleasure, and better hopes for a favorable outcome (whatever that might be in your personal life).

WWGrowers Valentines Pleasure Guide
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‘Tis The Season to Use Responsibly – Cooking With Cannabis

One of the primary realities of the booming Cannabis Industry is that newly legalized Recreational Cannabis will attract users of a wide range of cannabis experience. Cannabis, just like alcohol, affects each individual differently.  And knowing your limit is the key to a good experience and won’t “harsh your mellow,” as we like to say here at Wild West Growers.

There are undoubtedly a number of you who view the “Try 5” Program, introduced by OREC (Oregon Responsible Edibles Council), with a snicker.  But with even the most experienced user, it is always good to know what is in “the next bite,” especially during this holiday season when home-baked gifts of all varieties may be exchanged.

Safe consumption begins with safe creation, and just like any other food, it’s good to read the label, and share the label details with those with whom you are “making merry” this holiday season.

Here are some guidelines for cooking with cannabis.
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Holiday Korn with a Kick – Cooking with Pot Shots


One of the longest standing traditions for almost any holiday or sporting event, is the creation of traditional snacks and foods to compliment the festivities.  One of my favorite treats for the holidays and the College Football Bowl season, is homemade Caramel Corn (what we call Korn). It’s is easy to make, and is loaded with sweet goodness in every bite.

But, now with the advent of Wild West Pot Shots, almost every taste treat and festive goody can evolve into a treat with the bonus benefit of a Cannabis Kick!

Keep reading for my favorite Korn with Kick recipe!
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