Oregon Cannabis Edibles…Likely the Safest Food On the Market!


For the past year, news sources have been filled with stories talking about the “Crippling of the Cannabis Industry” due to over-regulation and stringent testing laws.  While it may be an overstatement to say that the entire industry has been “brought to a standstill” with increased regulations that took effect October 1st, 2016 (which have been temporarily lightened through May 2017) it is very safe to say that any cannabis that makes it to the consumer, through legal channels from licensed producers and dispensaries, is likely tested for more stringently, and therefore safe, than the vast majority of food products you will find on any grocery store aisle.
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‘Tis The Season to Use Responsibly – Cooking With Cannabis

One of the primary realities of the booming Cannabis Industry is that newly legalized Recreational Cannabis will attract users of a wide range of cannabis experience. Cannabis, just like alcohol, affects each individual differently.  And knowing your limit is the key to a good experience and won’t “harsh your mellow,” as we like to say here at Wild West Growers.

There are undoubtedly a number of you who view the “Try 5” Program, introduced by OREC (Oregon Responsible Edibles Council), with a snicker.  But with even the most experienced user, it is always good to know what is in “the next bite,” especially during this holiday season when home-baked gifts of all varieties may be exchanged.

Safe consumption begins with safe creation, and just like any other food, it’s good to read the label, and share the label details with those with whom you are “making merry” this holiday season.

Here are some guidelines for cooking with cannabis.
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Holiday Korn with a Kick – Cooking with Pot Shots


One of the longest standing traditions for almost any holiday or sporting event, is the creation of traditional snacks and foods to compliment the festivities.  One of my favorite treats for the holidays and the College Football Bowl season, is homemade Caramel Corn (what we call Korn). It’s is easy to make, and is loaded with sweet goodness in every bite.

But, now with the advent of Wild West Pot Shots, almost every taste treat and festive goody can evolve into a treat with the bonus benefit of a Cannabis Kick!

Keep reading for my favorite Korn with Kick recipe!
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Wild West in the “Harvest Issue” of Northwest Leaf Magazine


The innovative growing methods used by Wild West Growers were featured in the “Harvest Issue” of Northwest Leaf Magazine.

You can find the entire issue online, HERE.

Eugene, OR // The modern days of Cannabis production are alive and well in Eugene where  just around the corner from an Autozone and Starbucks, a massive Cannabis growing and processing facility rests in the urban core. Turning into the facility that houses Wild West feels like any other corporate park inside the city.

But this place is special. The three large buildings house the more than 50 employees that it takes to keep the operation running, from seed to sale and everything in between.

The first building is all administration and business, but walking over to the second is all bud. A massive curing, trimming and packaging operation is taking place, with hundreds of pounds of herb hanging from giant racks in a room with 25-foot plus ceilings.

It is surreal walking through rows of drying Cannabis plants, gently wicking off moisture and developing the full terpene and smell profile that users will go crazy for in a matter of weeks.

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Repost, ReTweet, and Share Your Way Into a Shirt!


As a way to sat “Thanks” to our most valuable Cannabis Club Members, we are starting a regular contest for a chance to win your own Wild West Shirts, Hats, and Merchandise.

Playing along is easy!  Every time you share a post from our Facebook Page, Twitter Page, or Instagram Pageyou will be instantly registered into a drawing for the merchandise of your choice. We will be checking our “repost/retweet/share” lists and choosing from a random drawing regularly!

But you must be Registered as a Cannabis Club Member to play!  Not a Member Yet?

Get your friends to “Like” us, and join the Club, and you may be in line to become an OFFICIAL POSSE MEMBER with even more special benefits…

Wild West Growers are part of a growing community in Oregon, and want to stay in touch with our family of customers and retailers. To this end, we will be posting on selected Social Media, as well as sharing our story through regular blog posts. Please “follow us” on the social media listed below, and then watch for notices and blog posts in the future. If you are looking for the latest information on new products, as well as special offers from our retailers, sign up for the WWG Cannabis Club today!

“Entourage Effect”


The following describes an effect only gained by consuming or inhaling the whole cannabis flower, versus extracting one or two compounds. Baker Bros. uses whole cannabis flower in our baked edibles. Consuming whole decarboxylated flower creates an “entourage effect” of many cannabinoids and terpenes working together for a well rounded high that is like no other. If we used butane hash oil, a lot of the cannabinoids and terpenes would be removed in the extraction process. Read on for a thorough explanation into this exciting phenomenon.

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Wild West and the Cannabis Industry


So Far It’s exciting for us here at Wild West Growers to see the changes happening in the Oregon cannabis community. It’s been over 2 years since we first landed in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and we continually look to the future. On January 4th, it became possible to apply for a license to legally operate a recreational business in the industry. However, even though it became possible to apply for a license to operate a recreational retail front, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission may not actually approve any of those applications until later in 2016. We’re only seeing more positive changes as time goes on, always ready to ride the wave.

Up until this point, the main focus has been on situating growers (like us!) into the system, most likely to make sure that the product is ready for the market when it becomes more recreationally accessible. After the growers are taken care of, the next in the lineup will be laboratories, processors, wholesalers, and retailers. Keep in mind – this notes the legal progress for recreation, whereas medical licenses for these categories are already currently legal – along with the availability of cannabis as a recreational product to consumers.

For some perspective on cannabis’ impact on economy, Washington state gathered more than $67 million in tax revenue from the sales of recreational marijuana after only 1 year. The first month of revenue in the US far exceeded projections with almost $3.5 million in tax revenues. According to Business Daily, if current trends continue, the US cannabis industry will pump an annual $44 billion into the economy by 2020 (Wochit, Phillip Smith, MSN.com).

We’re blown away by the positives brought along with the continual legal acceptance of cannabis. Not only is it slowly growing into a lush, healthy industry, but also bringing together people from all kinds of backgrounds and places. More on that later.

– The Wild West Gang